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Okay so we here at GDFE have some news to share, we're working hard on our original projects and are pushing for doing commission work in the future. To show off more of what we can do I'm remaking a lot of Flash games I made over the years on Newgrounds and I'm going to delete the old one's not only because I don't like looking back at my old work but also because by 2020 Flash will cease to be supported and HTML5 looks to be taking over on all browsers. We want to preserve any and all Flash content we have / make (Any game we make can be converted to Flash or HTML5) but the future has spoken and we will move on. I'm also re-making all of the sprites and assets for the games being made from the ground up.

I already remade Hallow-Scream IN JUST 6 HOURS compared to the original 2 Days it took back in 2013. I'll officially release the game on October 1st alongside an updated (not remade) version of Colors of Music.

The next game I'll remake is Lair of Zetarus Director's Cut and it will have a new lighting system for the HTML5 version (Due to the previous lighting effect not working with Flash or HTML5) and the .exe version will have a similar but updated lighting effect to the previous version.
Lair of Zetarus DX is set to release October 15th along with episode 1 (of 4) of our Slenderman miniseries.
As for further releases this past October, Nothing is happening in terms of releases. We'll be working on Witch Assassin Kyoko and episode 2 and 3 of the Slenderman miniseries but that's it.
We may work on 1 game or 2 other games if we're lucky but with college at AIE starting Fall of next year we're putting our focus on funding ourselves while attending. We could support ourselves making games full time via Patreon but that's a pipe dream and we'll continue updating it weekly mostly for ourselves but anyone interested in it should give it a look.

Thanks for reading and if you're interested in commissions from me then hit up my website:

My website was recently updated so do please check it out and my weekly updated Patreon page.

I've been holding off on posting my original sprite characters to Newgrounds due to not wanting to reveal too much of my projects or wanting to make sure no one steals and reuses my work. Now I believe I may have a compromise, I'll be making sprite art of 3D game characters in my style (Not an original idea but one that I appreciate). I'll be using this project as a way of practice every so often and as a way to reach out more to people who may want sprite commissions.

On that note I'm taking FREE REQUESTS for making Sprites based off of 3D Games only! These are only requests and I can refuse them if I find the request to be to my disliking. Nudity is okay but nothing lewd, not my style, just know I leave my initials on all my work to prevent it from being stolen/someone else taking credit for my work.

That's all for now, I have games to make and requests to take!

So my latest game was taken down not just because of bugs and gameplay tweaks (I will fix what I can) but mostly due to the fact that the Gamejolt API required for online scores doesn't work with Flash! Just .exe and .apk <-----Thank God!

But still this does bother me seeing as people will have to download the game for the full experience but at least the game will be back up tomorrow with just local leaderboards. So you can download the full .exe game on Gamejolt and take on players scores online or challenge your local friends when the game comes back here on Newgrounds.

Small Update, Big Plans!

2017-03-13 15:55:00 by GhostDataForger

So I haven't updated since November of last year and while it may seem like I haven't made any games last year that's not true, I updated all my versions of Bubble Horde (which is now on Android) and made a game called Lair of Zetarus on my website (The Flash version messed up the lighting effects and I couldn't upload it here). So check out my website to play a good but very short horror game!

As for plans this year my visual novel project has been put on hold....for a few years. I've moved on to a new project that plays like a CastleX (Castlevania + Megaman X) The engine is roughly 90% complete with a full prologue game being released by the end of the year. Hopefully I can have a demo of said prologue up by Summer or whenever the Artcade event is present in Lafayette, Louisiana. With that I thank you for reading and I hope to have your support in the future.

P.S. I'm also working on a small animated miniseries based off of the lore of Slenderman. If you're interested to learn more I'll have screenshots up next month. I'm hoping an episode or two (out of five) will be done before Halloween of this year.


Bubble Horde 2.0

2016-11-26 04:53:16 by GhostDataForger

So everything Bubble Horde has been updated! The full game has Updated graphics, User Interface, and A.I.

(So does the demo):

Also my more favorite of the 3 games is the Multiplayer Expansion which has the same updated graphics and Interface + Xbox 360 controller support (for .exe only)! (You should totally grab a friend and play it).

I hope you enjoy the game and what it has to offer. Still working on the Android port right now! Moving on to new and fun projects for 2017!

So I've been working on this horror game Lair of Zatarus for a month now and now that it's finished Newgrounds is the perfect place for it right? Unfortunately every online version I upload (Both Flash and HTML 5) Suffer from some game breaking bugs and issues. Because of this the .exe version is the only one available at this time and I urge anyone interested to take a look at it:

In the meantime the game will recieve an update alongside an Android version within the next month. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Halloween!

Going High Def!

2016-09-03 13:19:30 by GhostDataForger

A family member of mine didn't approve of Bubble Horde's pixelated Bubbles. I'm finally taking time to fix that thanks to Paint Tool Sai. I'll be looking forward to updating Bubble Horde by next month and seeing about updating the look of my other games in time.

Check out Bubble Horde here:

My first mobile game is out now!

2016-07-05 14:21:52 by GhostDataForger

I ported Ghouls and Mazes to Android. You can play it on Newgrounds but the Android version is free and downloading it would give me a confidence boost ;)

So I've been waiting for the Artcade event in Lafayette,LA to come back for a year now and for the past 2 and a half weeks I've been working on a new RPG and with an original battle system that is sure to attract a lot of attention. Because I don't want the battle system ripped off before an official release, don't expect a demo on Newgrounds any time soon. Here's 2 screen shots of the game. It's still in Alpha Concept Build so nothing in these shots are final.



As for other projects I'm remaking my second game I made, The Faux: A Text Adventure. It was never finished and it's a jumble of bad programming but it's still fun to look back on (Visit my website to play it). I'm still working on my visual novel just a bit less over the Summer but I'm rewriting the first chapter (Again) as well as SMASHING ALL THE BUGS in the coding (Since I'm using my own engine in CF 2.5).

If anyone has questions or requests I'm open to hear them but know I'm busy trying to make games full time. Expect to see an update next week when I finally join Google Play Store as a Developer.

It may be a New Year but I'll be damned if I start anything over! 2015 may not have been a great year for many but for me, I have improved greatly in game quality and I'm looking to make more retail games this year and I'll be putting a lot of love and effort into it as well.

Updates: As most of my fans and followers know, I've released my first retail game late last year and it's got enough attention that I'm exporting it to Android and Google Play store in order to help support my future products and improve my quality on them in the future.

If you want to try the game I've finally made a downloadable playable demo -

If you want to buy the full game you can do that here -

Your contributions will not only be greatly appreciated but will help increase the quality of my games in the future.

My visual novel is 20% done (Beta wise) and even with personal life in the way and the fact that it may only be 5-6 hours long. I hope to have it done by the end of this year and release it in January of 2017. Expect a demo to come in due time.

Now for the big question. Will I be open for collabs? Yes, but only with artists cause they can provide their own art. I'm busy nowadays but if an artist wants to make a visual novel of any sort and it's short and they can provide their own art I'm willing to work for cheap, next to nothing. Why? Because I already have an engine and they're fast to make.