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Yeeeess! So worth the wait!

Ominous! Definitely going to check this out, I'll even spread the word!

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Absolutely amazing work, I hope your skills are used to make something really awesome in the future!

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LiemNguyen responds:

Thanks man! I do hope to get more work and improve myself as I go too! :)

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Gonna make this review simple:

Graphics - meh.
Writing - Pretty good, the writing was not only funny but choices had real consequences that led to the player thinking if they're making the right choice or smart choice.
Music - Could have really added some drama to some scenes. (Listened to Bloody Tears during the fight with the King).

Overall - If you choose to expand this universe and maybe even do some stuff with the lore that would be awesome! I look forward to your next project.

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Gotta admit this was sadistically fun but still needs a bit of "fleshing out" but this is a demo so that's understandable.

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littlegreengamer responds:

Thank you very much. Judging from all the trouble I'm having just trying to get Unity 5 and Clickteam Fusion to work, it'll probably be a cold day in Hell before I ever get the full project done. But I truly appreciate your positive words. :)

Pretty fun but not properly optimized for mouse use (kept scrolling down by accident). Also you spelled Godlike wrong.

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Sup my CherryBerryWangsta!

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Holy crap this looks great....The eyes are a smidge too big though.

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Awesome job, I love this series (Even the anime) and I gotta say you captured the style really well.

Gotta admit, I love this!

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